We at fastrak are consistently keeping all our clients updated on the listings you are looking for. This is our way to ensuring that our customers get the first opportunity for viewings and virtual tours in the present scenario. You can also join a live conversation with one of a real-estate agent of your choosing through us.


This is one of our most prized services. You can find the most dependable realtors through us and they will assist you through the tour as well as sift through offers for you. With ample local knowledge and experience you will be able to write an offer successfully without going above market value.


Homes are a substantial investment and to understand and manage your budget and mortgage you can rely on our comparative analysis and saving tips. No matter where you are searching for your home, money management is a necessity and having a financial expert from our team on your side will improve your resource-control.

Home Appraisals With Fastrak

Calculating home value before you put it on the market is a necessity. A property is a fixed asset that requires a substantial investment. Selling a home at a profit usually the target for most sellers and we at fastrak will calculate the estimate for your home’s value on an urgently basis. You can sign up with us for a house review report in which our agents will asses all aspects of your property and then provide you with estimates you can depend on.

Due Diligence

Selling your home for the right place will take up a lot of your time. It is highly recommended to do your research, understand the local market, get virtual tours of your place done, get estimates from our calculators and work with our agents to reach a mutually profitable deal. This process can take anywhere from a week to even a yea depending on what your requirements and prevalent market values dictate. As a member agent you can get in touch with perspective clients and assist them with this step. This phase is highly instrumental in generating conversions and leads for you.

Create a Listing

With us there are two ways to list your home. You can either sell directly to us, which is easier and hassle free or get our help in selling directly to the target market. We will offer you all the tools you need to end up making a profit on the sell. We will also connect you to local agents who are part of our team and well versed in the local real-estate market and know the demand well. You can choose an agent based on the credentials, experience and reviews available on our forum.

Get Your Place in Shape

Our agents can assist you with a walkthrough video tour of your home and advise you on the changes and renovations you need to invest in. for most, buying a home is an investment of a life time and buyers will invest in a well maintained home that does not require repairs and replacements later on. It is best to get an opinion from a local agent and home inspector to make sure that you meet the standards demanded by buyers.

Choose The Right Price

Our agents will work with you to make sure that your get the highest price for your property.  You can use our experience, data and platform to reach bigger audiences and get a selling price as close to pre-calculated estimates as possible. You can access a comparative market analysis with the help of our agents to get a real-time view of selling and closing timelines as well as comparative crisis.

Discuss Offers

Offers will either meet your expectations or bring your home value down. It is wise to work with an experienced agent and get access to a spread sheet that records all offers made before you decide. Make sure you follow the guideline presented by a local agent and close viewings and open houses accordingly. Agents understand when it is time to close viewings and when profitability has been maximized. You can rely on our agents to guide you in the right direction. If you are a part of a real-estate team you can easily compare offers for a number of listings for properties being sold and get a conversion in no time. we make sure you get access to all the information you need to close a deal.