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Personalized Broker Support

Our real estate brokerage firm is always available to speak with you 24/7 in person, via phone, text or email. At Fastrak Realty, our realtors are very confident as they are supported by career real estate professional advocating on their behalf as needed for any transaction. Woodside Noel is the Qualifying Broker along with his team full of knowledge, experience and responsiveness is dedicated to the success of our agents.

20+ Years in Business

Over the last 20+ years we have been representing buyers and sellers in the real estate industry. We have served clients in all major cities and their surroundings of Florida. While the collapse of the 2007 market paused the growth of our company, it allowed us to reposition ourselves by making the necessary adjustments needed to serve our clients with competence, honesty and integrity. Fastrak Realty has always been more than a real estate firm. We work hand in hand with our buyers and sellers through coaching, ensuring maximization on the benefits of buying or selling a home. We stand firmly on the belief that everyone has the capability of becoming a homeowner they just need to be guided in the right direction, and here at Fastrak Realty we know exactly how to make it happen. Day in and out we continue building fundamental relationships in the market space with lending communities ensuring that we have the necessary products and resources needed to tailor every client’s profile. Fastrak Realty understands that buying or selling a home requires sufficient planning as a means of boosting returns, we are here to help you plan your work and work your plan.  

Fastrak Realty Has Evolved- Re-Imagine Real Estate

In 2001, Fastrak Enterprise began services the South Florida community with the mind set of educating the public about buying real estate. This method has brought tremendous success to our agents and the consumers we have serve. In the aftermath of the real estate debacle of 2008, our approach evolved to not only educating our clients, but to also find ways to build sustainable homeownership by providing counseling to our consumers by holding their way before they ever thought about buying a home to make sure to reap the absolute benefits of homeownership. This foundation creates a relationship far beyond a transaction but a partnership that provides the necessary support to help deals with adversities that may develop after a transaction. Our belief is as a consumer you deserve the best and you deserve Fastrak Realty, Inc. It is time for you to get on the right track.

Florida Statewide Service

Fastrak Realty as offices in all major cities of the state of Florida to facilitate our Agents to meet with us if they so desire. This flexibility has created an opportunity for our agents to service clients throughout the state under our umbrella directly or indirectly by partnering with other agent in another market. Fastrak Realty creates the concept to make sure you can the full use of your state license. The real estate market has changed. We believe the global market is the new local with the information superhighway putting everything at your fingertips.   

Florida Market Expert

Fastrak Realty has the network and the expertise to help you maximize the real estate transaction experience. We understand a real estate transaction is done for two reasons: As a place to live or as an investment. We are committed to put our agents and our support staff into work to resolve your issues and improve your quality of life. Know that, Fastrak Realty is your biggest fan as we make sure you are cheered all the way to the bank.

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